07 Jan 2018

Favourite photos in 2017

I like to photograph people and events as a matter of documentary


Generally speaking, I like to photograph people and events as a matter of documentary. I am quite fond of looking over the photographs of myself and my family from my childhood as I have fond memories of my younger years. I figure that I will be saying the same of myself in five, ten or fifty years about my current self. I like to photograph my friends and family for posterity.


There is a certain level of creativity required to take a decent photograph. While certainly required, the level of creativity is probably pretty low in the grand scheme of things. If you can point a camera at your friends and push the shutter at the right time then you will usually end up with a decent photograph. Cameras today are easy to use and are so intelligent that it’s difficult to get a poorly exposed photograph. You’re always going to capture exactly what you’re looking at. It will generally be within a 95% approximation of how it really looked. It’s this modern phenomenon that creates a boring photograph. Since the invention of automatic exposure and automatic focus, it has been difficult to take a blurry or dark photo. It’s what you do as a creative person, to bring out the detail or capture a certain mood, that can set your photos apart from just another phone camera photograph. If you get the framing, timing and lighting spot-on, you can create an interesting photograph from a boring portrait. This is what I try to do for myself, family and friends when I photograph them.

My favourite photos from 2017

I tried to pick just one photo from each calendar month.

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